This is just the beginning

of what we believe to be world-changing.

What a colorless world it would have been without musicianship and the endless imagination. Anthemic music, dynamic vocals, and compelling lyrics with a Pop sound sprinkled with traces of R&B, Tahne’s music spreads love and invokes change. Tahne Jo Stillwell, an American singer-songwriter, was born in Wisconsin and wholly absorbed into music. Tahne found herself in foster care and the system at a young age, and through these trials, she cherished music as her empowering and reliable companion.

Tahne is currently working on her sixth studio project. Fully reawakened, Tahne has found empowerment and honesty through this project that is fresh, thought-provoking, and exposed. Songs formulated by Tahne’s experiences and reopened wounds shape this unprecedented record. Clarity soars free in Fall 2020.